Suck It Teriyaki Skirt Steak.

My crazy-funk has reached new levels. Lately, I often find myself on the verge of hysteria for (almost) no reason.  Eight months of living with my in-laws has pushed my fragile sanity to it’s limit.  While my in-laws are fantastic people, I miss having personal space.  I miss having stuff (everything I own is in storage).  I miss being in an environment where I don’t always have to wear pants.  I miss being in an environment where I don’t have to worry about running into my father-in-law without pants.  I miss being able to cook snacks at 11PM without wondering if I am disturbing someone.  I miss being able to argue with my husband without his parents hearing.  I miss being able to talk on the phone with my parents (or anyone else) without someone listening. 

Living with my in-laws has taken its toll on me.  This has combined with the other “crazyness” in my life  (losing my friends/family when I moved 3,000 across the country, five “in-contract” house deals that have fallen through, and losing my grandpa to some evil combination of alzheimer’s and cancer).  And it has combined with the not-so-bad but still stressful things (new job, starting law school).  And the few “marbles” I had left, are now lost. 

To add insult to injury, it is BBQ season.  And there is nothing that  sucks more for a meat-loving vegetarian than BBQ season (except maybe watching people eat wings at Dinosaur BBQ in Rochester, NY – which almost makes me cry even when my sanity isn’t in a fragile state).  My husband makes the most fantastic garlicy teriyaki skirt steak.  It is tasty beef goodness smothered in sticky garlicy wonderful.  And I miss it.  Teriyaki skirt steak makes summer BBQs painful.  My stomach knaws away at itself while I watch my acquaintences devour their beef with smug satisfied smiles.  And if I’m “lucky” someone grilled some bell peppers that I can knaw on or provided a cardboard-like burger substitute (which, if smothered in enough guacamole, might be palatable). 

So this weekend I say, “Suck It Teriyaki Skirt Steak”.  I am determined to create something at this BBQ that is both vegetarian and edible.  While I might not be able to compete with skirt steak (what can?), at least I won’t be heartbroken in a corner knawing on mushy tasteless eggplant kabobs. 

I have sweet & sarah vegan vanilla marshmellows and scharffen burger chocolate for smores.  I’m armed with recipes for brown sugar glazed grilled peaches with fresh raspberry sauce.  And (because when they don’t try to resemble meat, veggie burgers can be tasty) I have recipes for three different (highly rated by epicurious) veggie burgers including: cayenne spiced bulgur burgers with lime mayonnaise, highly spiced southwest style black bean burgers, and garlicy chick-pea walnut burgers.  My goal is to survive a BBQ (in my fragile mental state) without having any sort of breakdown (or going into a psychotic range and branding people with my white hot smores stick as they stuff skirt steak in their pie-hole).

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  1. I was a vegetarian for a couple of years. My problem was that I didn’t do it “right”. I mainly lived on junk food. You know that eating french fries as an entire meal can’t be good for you. So I started developing health problems because I was deficient in, well, everything! So I went back to meat and almost immediately I came down with a very painful case of gout because my system wasn’t used to all the protein. I would like to give vegetarianism another try and now that I’m older I could probably be more healthy about the whole thing. I don’t even like steak. Never have.
    BTW, I hear ya about the “funk” thing. I’ve been in one for the past year and a half and it seems to be getting worse.

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