in the butt

Over the years (despite my destain for Jesus-lovers) I have attracted a number of uber-Christian friends. I think it has something to do with my “uncoolness”. When you don’t particularly like drinking, partying, or large groups of people, your social options in college are limited. The other kids who don’t like drinking, partying or large groups of people tend to love Jesus (bummer for me).

This has (mostly) worked out well for me. It got me a nice “Jesus” scholarship for undergrad (don’t judge me, if Jesus had wanted it to go to a true believer, then surely he could have arranged for that). But, while I have made lots of Jesus-loving friends, I’m bad at keeping them. I move a lot, and I lose touch with people. I recently reconnected (via facebook) with one of these friends is finishing her OB/GYN residency. She is over-tired, works long hours, but seems to truely enjoy delivering babies. Which is good. Except that it makes me sad when Jesus-lovers become OB/GYNs. Because it is one of those fields where jesus-y beliefs get in the way.

One of her duties is answering the preggo hotline. And she was apparently horrified by a caller who asked how long after giving birth before she could have sex “in the butt”. My Christian friend indignantly asked me, “How do you respond to that?!?”. My first thought was, “You give the medically relevant answer?” I mean, I’m sure there is some guideline. I’m not an OB/GYN, I’ve never given birth, and I find anal to sort of resemble having an indecisive turd (which doesn’t exactly get me all hot and bothered). So this isn’t a piece of information that I know. But I’m sure (as a doctor) she *should* know the medically relevant answer. And (in my opinion) she should probably give that infomation to the people who specifically ask about it. But apparently her recommendation is that you never have sex “in the butt”.

I wish (when searching for an OB/GYN), I could be guarenteed to find one who wouldn’t allow their religion to effect their advice regarding my vagina (or my pooper).

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  1. “I find anal to sort of resemble having an indecisive turd”

    Priceless! It’s lines like this that keep me coming back to this blog. lol!

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