stupid, narcissistic, prius-driving hippies….

I like the Toyota Prius.  I like environmentally friendly things.  If I could afford a Prius, I would probably have one (unless I was so rich I could afford an orange Tesla).  But I’m not rich, so my car isn’t eco-friendly.  My scooter uses less gas than a car, but its a 2-stroke and therefore is still smogging our planet.   I’m a horrible person.  I still like the Prius, but I don’t like many of the people who buy them. 

South Park did an episode that mostly sums up my feeling about Prius owners and their smugness.  They made fun of “progressive” San Francisco dwelling hybrid owners, implying that they all ”preachy talk” with their eyes closed, and like the smell of their own farts.   They demonstrate this repeatedly by having them stop in mid-conversation, fart loudly, then bend over and inhale with pleasure, before resuming conversation.  I know many Prius owners who aren’t like this.  But I know several who are.   And they make me want to taser things. 

A few (in particular) come to mind.  I have a coworker who no longer calls his car “my car”.  When our office goes out to lunch and we are arranging rides, most of us say “We could take my car.”  He says “We could take my Prius”.   It is (apparently) very important that everyone knows he has a Prius.  This is annoying.  I’m not quite sure why it bothers me so much, but it really, really does.  It isn’t even like he is unique in his Prius ownership.  We have a really small office, and there are multiple people are Prius owners.   We get it.  You own a Prius.  This doesn’t make you special.  But your farts smell pretty.

This is something that has been annoying me for a long time, but I decided to write about because I was wandering around the internet when I cam across this hippie “news” article.  Like all of the authors on this “news” website, the author has a one-sentence self description of herself at the bottom of her article: “Anonymous Blogger is a Prius-driving writer and photographer based in San Francisco.”  If I had to describe myself in one sentence, that wouldn’t be the sentence I chose (and not just because I don’t drive a Prius).  I wonder if she wrote the description herself.  I wonder if she realizes how smug and narcissistic it sounds. 

Nahgems is a judgemental b!tch and egocentric blogger who generally dislikes people, but likes puppies a lot. 

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  1. This has been a pet peeve of mine as well. And not just with the Prius but when anybody uses some product to prop up their identity it makes my skin crawl! I think it is a very American habit. Sadly, consuming is what we do best in this country[or used to do best] and what they are trying to say is “I’m a better consumer than you”.
    I live in redneck country and here people do the same thing but instead of Prius’ it’s their shiny new pick-ups and Hummers. Sad.

  2. and iPhones / Google Android Phones. iPhone owners are possible worse the Prius owners…

  3. Totally get where you are coming from here. When people go green or embrace the environment in a positive way, I applaud their effort, but those that have to bring it into every single conversation and pat themselves on the back in hopes of generating accolades are pretty annoying.

  4. Don’t even get me started about iphones! This past Christmas I refused to even look at this guy’s new iphone! Everybody else was standing around looking all impressed while he demostrated his “light sabre” app. I told him “sorry, I don’t even look at Apple products” which isn’t really true, I just didn’t want to indulge yet another iphone poser in his quest for iphone attention. Needless to say, he was not happy with me.

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